Catering Indian Food with love

Catering Indian Food

Magical Indian catering services

Let it be your little ones’ first birthday party, beautiful daughter’s wedding, an energetic Bollywood party, or an emotional farewell party. Masala mantra, the versatile restaurant in cape coral got you covered.

Event experiences are always important and the memories created are priceless. It provides you the ability to build strong yet loyal community gatherings. Wedding planning and execution have changed over the years but the love for food in events is the same for everyone especially us!

Our menu

Catering Indian Food

Take a look at our exquisite menu for Indian food catering.

We Cater for?

Our selfless catering packages include luxurious weddings, intimate house parties, cheerful birthdays, and colorful Bollywood-themed parties.

Bollywood Themed Parties

Party the right way with Bollywood Themed Parties with Masala Mantra! We provide you with an incredible Indian catering service to go with the party theme. There no greater way to introduce yourself to Bollywood Parties which plays a huge role in modern Indian culture. Now is the time!

Luxurious Weddings

Weddings are our favorite part of catering! Do you think your loved one’s wedding is not luxurious enough? Then you should add Masala Mantra to the bucket list.

Intimate House Parties

Been thinking about a house party with your friends or colleagues? Can’t figure out the right place to cater according to your budget? First of all, mixing a little bit of Indian food to the party makes it way more than fun. We provide budget-friendly, tailor-made catering for house parties.


How can you say no to that special birthday party with the touch of Indian cuisine? Celebrate it as cheerful as Indian food! Now gift your little one, significant other, or any special person in your heart with our Indian catering services. Not only will be their belly filled but also their heart.

Why Cater with Masala Mantra?

Masalaa Mantra

Masala Mantra aims to make catering light for you, let it be saving your money or time. We have got your back. We love to make your day extra special but Why exactly want you to cater to us?


We are excellent at preparing a vast amount of food as per your requirements. As an excellent Cape Coral restaurant, we know where to get the meals and how best to prepare. If you wanted to prepare the same amount of food for everybody, then you probably end up spending a lot or less. So you save your money with our professional catering guidance.

Saves your precious time

Hire us! We save a hell a lot of time of yours. Now you don’t have to be stressed thinking about food preparation or arrangements. We move in with your catering requirements effortlessly.

Makes you available 

Who doesn’t like to spend time with their loved ones especially on a special day?  Let it be your little one’s birthday party or your daughter’s big day, we make you available to your loved ones. We don’t think it’s apt time for you to be in the kitchen checking in the dishes. It’s time for you to make memories.

How to Catering Indian Food with us?

Have you made up your mind to cater to us? If yes, then cool. There is nothing complicated enough to shatter hidden screens to work with us.

We are reliable and enthusiastic towards our clients. You can use this link to place orders for catering or simply dial this number directly (239)  540- 6300 to get in touch with the best Indian food caterers in Fort Myers. You can also mail us from our official website through this link further assistance. Also, If you want to have individual boxes then call us at 239 540 6300 as this is by the tray pricing.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up! We can’t wait to make your big day a memorable one!

How to order : via EZcater or individual boxes call us at 239 540 6300

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